Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Abstract draft 1 for Milestone 1

Using Remote Eye Tracking to Discover Differences When Reading Off Of a Page And a Screen

The purpose of this investigation was to determine the differences between how people read off of a page and a screen. Subjects were calibrated with eye tracking equipment to determine their behavior in several different reading situations. Subjects read two pages of a book on a computer monitor and two different pages from the same book that sat in front of the computer monitor. Font size and style were kept the same.  Eye tracking technology was then used to compare statistical differences between the two actions such as the number of blinks, fixations, and saccades per second and minute as well as the overall time. After comparing the data, it was found that people typically blinked more often while reading the book than on the screen while the differences in fixations and saccades and time were not large enough to reach the level of significance.

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