Friday, July 11, 2014

July 11th: Day 5 Week 1: Figuring it out

Coming in today not quite sure what to do with my new knowledge of bootcamp yesterday. I didn't do too much until Jeff Pelz came into the room and began speaking to us (Jacqueline and I) about the photoshop work we had been doing in the past couple of days. Jacqueline showed him hers and he made a few suggestions, but he also explained what exactly we were doing and what we were trying to do in the end... SO HELPFUL. So Jacqueline and I finally figured out what we were doing for the time and what they expected/wanted us to do. For the past few days we had just been messing around hoping we were doing what they wanted. However, before we could really do much about it we had to go pick up the brownies I had made and bring them to barbecue. That was lots of fun, even the volleyball which I'm usually not much of a fan of because I play it competitively and no one really knows how to play. The food was great and I got to see the best person in the whole world, Sara Leary!!!!! I dragged her onto the volleyball court and made her play for a little while but then we went up to my lab and played with Jeff's giant Jenga set. We lasted a really long time, but it eventually tipped after Jacqueline couldn't pull a piece out without it tipping over. Then we both talked for awhile with Sara about volleyball and plans for next year but eventually she had to go and we had to get back to the work we now know what we would be doing with. It was actually entertaining today and I wasn't looking at the clock constantly to see when I could leave. Eventually I got a great looking photoshop of the object and separated the layers so it works with our project. I'm so excited to come back monday and continue working!!!

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