Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24th: Day 14 Week 3: SMI

We got a few more test subjects today but the real advancement in our project was learning how to use the SMI computer in the other room with the remote eye tracker. Susan helped us set it up but I clicked on everything so that I would know how to do it for our later project. The software is really annoying where it puts files and stuff though. We had Susan do our presentation on the pictures of the object while she was with the eye tracker so that we could get some practice. It worked well except for the file thing. Then we went to lunch with the other interns and when we came back, we talked to Emma a lot about her project and how we were going to coordinate test subjects. Jacqueline also played around more with the SMI more and finally got the eye tracking information to work and we could see all the saccades and fixations. We are making good progress with the project now.

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