Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 16th: Day 8 Week 2: Not Much

Jeff came in early this morning to talk to us about our presentation and how things were going. He liked what we did but changed it from a yes/no response to a scale from 1-100 to choose from on each set of objects. He gave me an abstract correction and told me that the comments were not working the way they were supposed to (and I couldn't find a correction so they are still like that). After that we worked a little more on the project and then went to lunch. We were going to meet everyone at crossroads again but when we met Wes, Lindsay and an REU student in their lab, they said there was free pizza at an astronomy talk downstairs in the Carlson building. Not wanting a chance to give up free pizza, we all went to the astronomy talk (Wes, Lindsay, Alex, Jacqueline, Vicky, Emma, and myself). I didn't understand any of it but I ate 7 slices of free pizza so it was very worth it. After lunch I came back and started working on the project again until I had to leave.

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