Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 18th: Day 10 Week 2: Fun

Wow! I can't believe that this internship is 1/3 done (in a good way). Today there wasn't a ton to do. Jeff and Susan came in to talk to us about resizing the images and taking more data with the smaller images. They had us find the average of how far away you look at the object while in your hand vs on a screen and then how far away you should sit. After taking the data from Jacqueline, Kevin, and myself, I used some simple geometry and trigonometry to find out how big the diameter of the object should be on the screen. However, when I tested it out by resizing one of the pictures, I realized I was now uncomfortable being that far away from the screen and wanted to lean in closer. This would be a problem because then our distance to the screen would be different and we would have to change the size. When Jeff came back, he liked our numbers and came up with a solution to the problem... push the screen back on the desk and ask the subject not to lean in closer, with the desk acting as a reminder. After discovering this, we headed to lunch. The barbecue was very fun because of the intense volleyball we play. 4 of us play competitive volleyball during the year (Vicky, Jacqueline, Emma, me) and 1 used to play, but is still a strong player (Wes). This makes the games really interesting and fun because we actually try to get three hits on each side but if we need more we continue to play it out. It's very relaxed, but very fun at the same time. Sometimes Danny also comes to play with us making another player who used to play in high school join. I played for a hour and a half before Bob kicked us off because he needed to pack up the net. After lunch Jacqueline and I came back to the lab to start work again. Jeff came in to show us how to resize all the images from our powerpoint on Photoshop as a time saver. However, it wasn't much of time saver considering it took multiple hours to try to do it and it never actually came out working correctly (I blame it on the Macs :) ) Jacqueline and I gave up and began to resize them manually. Jeff also talked to Isaac and Lee in our lab and because I wasn't doing much as Jacqueline was resizing the pictures, I followed them (with their permission) into the other MVRL lab where they were working on a computer that uses eye tracking as commands to do stuff. It was really cool and I got to learn more about other eye tracking applications.

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