Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10th: Day 4 Week 1: Lectures

After this morning's morning meeting I went to my lab for a little while, mostly must to drop my stuff off because at 9:30 I had to go to the room with the projector to see boot camp. 6 of the interns (including me) were all there to see and participate as Jeff, Gabe, and Susan all talked to us about the basics of MVRL and the Perform Lab. Jeff talked first, mostly about the anatomy of the eye and the functions about what it does. We didn't get through half the stuff because we asked so many questions but Jeff said that was a good thing. After that we got lunch where a Dibella's sub platter was brought in (finally the free food is not pizza (not that I'm complaining)). Then Gabe talked about Virtual Reality and the stuff related to the Perform Lab. I was falling asleep through the middle of it because I was so tired (it was actually very interesting but I just couldn't keep my eyes open). Then we went to his lab where many of the interns got to try on the virtual reality helmets but I had already done it in the interview so I didn't do it again. Then we went back to the room and Susan talked to us a little about color, but the majority of the time was spent looking at a low pressure sodium light that made everything look black and white. Eventually Jeff continued his talk on eye anatomy until 4:00 when a guest presenter came in and talked about a lake in Rawanda that had methane in it (I was falling asleep through that one too). All the talks were interesting and I believe there may be a boot camp part II because we didn't get through all the information. That would be fine by me because I thought it was very interesting today.

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