Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14th: Day 6 Week 2: Continuing On

There wasn't a ton of new stuff today. This morning we met Thomas (the almost PhD) at 9:30 so he could finish bootcamp for us. He taught us how to use to remote eye trackers and how to use the software that is involved with that. However, we quickly found out that the consistency of everything working properly is little and many of the eye trackers need to be adjusted thoroughly after they were stuffed into the packs and bent out of shape. Eventually we got one pack to work and were able to see how eye tracking works, however Thomas said he wasn't completely comfortable with using the software that analyzes it so he would have someone else discuss that. The rest of the morning I have been completing what I had started on Friday. This was done until lunch and I completed it after lunch. For lunch we went to crossroads again and ate with about half the people, those that we could find. The other half happened to be waiting outside eating and didn't know the rest of us were inside. We all found each other when the outside people came inside to through their food away and saw us sitting there. It's ok though, it all worked out in the end. After lunch Susan came in to talk with us about the experiment specifically. She talked to us about which shifts we should actually use in our testing and how to present them. Jacqueline and I then had a very productive day completing the tasks and getting ready for experimenting. We got our files ready and are becoming prepared to use them for tomorrows ordering. Everything is getting done according to plan and I am so excited to begin the next phase.

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