Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7th: Day 1 Week 1: New Adventure

So today was my first day of working at my internship. It's weird to think that this is actually occurring. My first summer without camps, friends or pools between 9-5. Tough right? Wrong! I am so excited for this internship I can't even believe it. This is something I love to do, and I get to spend all summer on it. This will be by 7th consecutive summer at the RIT campus so it feels a little like home to me in the summer, so now it just gets to feel like home for 3x as long. From walking in Carlson's front door this morning it felt a little different. I was no longer the little kid on campus walking from their father's car to the building where the camp of the summer was. However, I will definitely never see it the same again, especially after the 36 obscure item scavenger hunt all across campus. I thought I would know where most of the items were, since I had walked around the majority of campus for the past 6 years, but I was wrong! This pictures were not of "landmarks" that the advisors said but really parts of landmarks: a rusty corner of a statue, a plaque sitting on a major building on campus, a "no alcohol" sign by the global village, etc. It was an adventure that left me with my fair share of injuries: 6 blisters on my left foot (only one unpopped), 2 blisters on my right foot (both popped), and a hip pain from walking without a proper heel lift for my leg discrepancy. Ugh! I really should have worn the socks and sneakers I packed in my bag that I left in the reading room (why did I push myself to wear those new flats???). The videos created by each group were excellent and hilarious and ours featured a very random walrus that would pop up from time to time. My group didn't win but we did bond with every intern there over pizza, laughter, and the little bit of Frozen we managed to sneak in. After all this we got to meet lab specifically. In Visual Perception the eye tracking software is really cool and interesting. I have a couple ideas for projects that would be interesting but we'll see in what direction I go. I'm excited to learn more tomorrow.

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