Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 15th: Day 7 Week 2: Powerpoint on a mac

Ugh!!!!!! I hate Mac's and despise working with them. RIT is the only tech school I know that doesn't use windows!!! The first thing Jacqueline and I did was draw file names out of a manila folder in order to order the pictures within the powerpoint that we would show to our test subjects. Then we added a few slides in the beginning for the purposes of instructions. Susan came in and saw what we were working on and liked it, but reworded a few things. Then she looked at our abstracts and liked those too, but once we talked through parts of it, it was obvious some things had to change because parts wouldn't work out. After rewording the abstract Jeff came in and saw our powerpoint too. He also liked it but wanted the pictures of the object to be in a more uniform way on the screen. We went to lunch, but when we came back we had the daunting task of restructuring all the pictures. Unfortunately, I could do the whole thing in about an hour on my Windows laptop at home, but now with the mac's no right click and annoying toolbars, it has taken a lot of the afternoon and they still don't look perfect. Also, I think Jeff and Susan have different ideas about what they want us to do and to test for. This is frustrating because Susan comes in to tell us to do one thing and then when Jeff comes in later he tells us to do something different. I can't wait for the movie later tonight.

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