Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 17th: Day 9 Week 2: Testing

Jacqueline and I started our tests on the subjects for the picture of the objects experiments. We only got three tests done in the morning but we had a shortened time because of the very long morning meeting. We went into the room with the projector and were able to show and help correct everyone's abstracts that they put on their blogs a few days ago. Everyone's went well and they are actually much more lenient than I thought they would be. When I wrote the one for the application here, Mr. Fooks (my teacher that proofread it) made it seem as if there was exactly one way to write it correctly. I had a few corrections that I fixed on my blog a few minutes ago but all in all it went well but took awhile. At 10:30 the REU students had a meeting that Jacqueline and I visited in order to pass out our IRB sheets so that we could test them. After their meeting, a few came down to my room in order to be tested and we managed to get three done. Now I am learning and using Google Docs Spreadsheets to organize the data. It is really cool because with even three people I am able to see several patterns occurring in the data. For lunch, I went to crossroads again with Emma, Alex, Vicky and Jacqueline and we met up with Rory, Adam, and Jimmy. Then we explored an Asian food market at the edge of the global market. Two things were decided at today's lunch, we must bring as many twister boards as we can to one of are barbecues so that we can play giant twister, and all of us must learn how to solve a 3x3 rubric's cube with Jimmy offering lessons. After lunch we came back to the lab and began to test more people. Vicky was first and she was a TERRIBLE test subject. She kept complaining and threatening to just write down random answers. Other than that we just kept getting new test subjects that would show up. At one point Susan came in and showed us how to use the remote eye tracker in the other room for our own projects. The rest of the day was pretty boring. Just testing new subjects and putting their information in our charts.

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