Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 9th: Day 3 Week 1: Lens's Law

Today I came in and my swipe card STILL didn't work. This is really annoying since my lab has very expensive equipment inside so we have to close and lock the door every time we are the last to leave (this includes bathroom trips). A pretty reasonable expectation except that there is no way to get back in when no one else is here. Some of this morning was spent on updating contacts for all of the interns in my phone and then creating 2 group messages for them (there are too many people to put them all in one). Eventually Jeff Pelz came into our room and asked to see the photoshop work we had done yesterday. I showed my neon car and he began to explain some extra tools that I hadn't used before, like the color replacer. Then he showed us how to use his camera with the macro lens and we were able to use the rig he built for holding the camera and shooting pictures of the objects. He sat with us and helped us photograph the objects just the way he wanted, so it looked like a circle in the middle of a white screen. Now we have the pictures on my computer so that I can see them and pull them up. For lunch we had our first movie where we watched lots of scientists and people speak about science and philosophy. I think Tina Nova is my new role model! When we came back to the lab, our swipe cards began working and I was able to do some work on the photoshop pictures we already had. When Jeff Pelz came back into the room he suggested we take more pictures with backlights and different settings on the camera. We began to take some on Jacqueline's iPad so that we could get different colored backlights as well. Then I began to work on photoshopping those as well.

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