Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Outline for Project

Outline for Project:

  • Title Page
    • Using Eye Tracking To Find Differences When People Read Off of a Screen Versus a Book
    • by Lizzy Thrasher
  • Background
    • People are reading more and more off screens
    • Many studies have been done to measure comprehension and retention
    • Little is known about how the reading is actually performed
  • The Project
    • Thank You to advisors
    • Inspiration for project
    • I wanted to see if there was an actual difference in how you read that would explain other findings
  • Eye Tracking Basics
    • Eye Tracking is relatively new
    • Saccades and Fixations
    • Different types of eye trackers and pros and cons
  • The Remote Eye Tracker
    • SMI
    • How the remote eye tracker works
    • Why was it chosen to be used
  • How The Experiment was Performed
    • Explained method and procedure
  • Data Collected
  • Graph of Data (Probably)
  • Results

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