Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29th: Day 17 Week 4: Experimenting Again

It was actually an interesting day because Jacqueline and I began setting up the experiment so that it would work for us. Jacqueline would run the experiment and I would sit in the chair and be the participant. It was not as much fun as it sounds. Unfortunately with the book that would sit in front of the screen, there was no picture behind on the screen that the eye tracker could tell what the person was looking at. Jacqueline took a picture of the book sitting on the screen and put the image on the screen behind the book so that the eye tracker would be tricked into thinking that the person was looking at the image. However, this proved to be a problem as well as we tried to set the image so that what I was actually looking at, was correlated correctly to what the eye tracker was looking at on the screen. This was very difficult and we spent a lot of time trying to fix this, however when Jeff came in awhile later, he told us it was probably the eye tracker's error in finding what the eye was looking at. So... Jacqueline and I began tests with the picture that showed the best results and we got the DIY Camera people to come down and do the tests for us. David and Maddie worked, but Rachel would not show up, I expect she had contacts in. Other than that the day was pretty much normal.

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